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These steps will show you how to upload files to your Host Havoc Minecraft server.
Step 1: Log into our Multicraft control panel.
Step 2: Open your service in the control panel.
Step 3: On the left hand side, click 'Files' -> 'FTP File Access'.
Step 4: Your FTP login details will be shown, you will use these details momentarily.
Step 5: If you don't have an FTP client, we suggest downloading FileZilla. You can do so here:
Step 6: Install FileZilla.
Step 7: Run FileZilla as an administrator.
Step 8: Input the login details in the appropriate locations. At the top of the FileZilla window, 4 text areas (Host, username, password, port) .

Details from Multicraft will be entered to FileZilla as such:
- FTP Address -> Host
- FTP Port -> Port
- FTP Username -> Username (be sure to include the .client# at the end, this will be shown in Multicraft)
- Multicraft Password -> Password (The password you use to log into the panel)

You're all set! You can now upload, move, delete and rename files/folders from this FTP client remotely. We suggest stopping the server before attempting to manipulate files.

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