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How to enable and manage your whitelist on your Host Havoc Minecraft server

If you want to make your server private so only those you want can join please follow the steps below to whitelist it. You can turn on whitelisting by following the steps below:

Step 1: Log into the Multicraft panel.
Step 2: Stop your server.
Step 3: Go to Files > Config Files > Server Settings in the Multicraft panel.
Step 4: Find where it says Whitelisting and then using the drop-down menu next to it select Enabled and click Save at the bottom. Now when you start your server, it will be whitelisted.To add a player to your whitelist: /whitelist add <playername> (ex. /whitelist add Carl)

To remove a player from your whitelist: /whitelist remove <playername> (ex. /whitelist remove Carl)

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