Adding Sub-Users For Minecraft

The following guide will show you how to add sub-users for your Minecraft Server Hosted By Host Havoc.

Step 1
. Go to your Multicraft Control Panel. Make sure that you are NOT logged in to your account.
Step 2. Click “Login” and then “Register here”.
Step 3. Complete the registration form with a username, password, and email address for your friend and click on “Register”.
Step 4. After registering the account, you will again be presented with the login page. Log in with your OWN Multicraft account.
Step 5. Select the server you wish to add a sub-user to (if you have multiple), then choose “Advanced” followed by “Users” in the left-hand side menu.
Step 6. In the “Username” field, type in the username of the user you just created and press “ENTER” on your keyboard. The username should come up along with the option to select their role.
Step 7. Select the role you would like to give the user. “Administrator” is probably the role you want to use.
Step 8. Ensure that the 'Server Visibility' setting in Multicraft is set to "Users with Roles only" or "By Default Role" to ensure that the user you added can see your server when they log in to their account. You can find this setting at the bottom of the server's main index page on Multicraft under 'Show Permissions'.

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