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This article will go over the steps needed to manually update your Minecraft server hosted by Host Havoc.

Please make sure your service is stopped prior to the following steps.

Step 1: In your browser navigate to
Step 2: Download the version that you would like to use on your service.
Step 3: Login into FTP for your service. Instructions for FTP can be found here.
Step 4: Once logged in using the previous instructions, upload the file from Step 2.
Step 5: In your Multicraft panel, delete Custom Jar from the dropdown box and in the text box input the name of the jar that was uploaded previously.
Step 6: Click "Save" at the bottom of your Multicraft panel and accept the EULA.
Step 7: Start your service.

You've now successfully updated your Minecraft server hosted by Host Havoc. Enjoy!

Note: If you are wanting to update your server to Minecraft 1.17 or newer please follow this guide to set up the JAR file to use the correct java version. How to upload and configure a Custom Minecraft 1.17+ JAR file to use Java 16

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