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Enabling the Dev Console

You will need to enable the dev console for your game in order to export the required server files

You will first need to navigate to your game's Documents folder.

For ATS the Documents folder is located at

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\American Truck Simulator\

For ETS2 the Documents folder is located at

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\

Find and open the config.cfg. It is recommended to use notepad to edit the file

You will need to find and edit the value for these two settings to be 1

uset g_developer "1"

uset g_console "1"


Exporting Server Packages

Install all the mods you wish to run on your own game

Start up your game and go to the Mod Manage option

Active all the mods you wish to run on the server. Please note everyone joining will need to have these same mods installed on their own clients to be able to join the server

Once you have enabled the mods, open up the console (~) and run the command export_server_packages

This will export the server_packages.sii and server_packages.dat to your game's Documents folder


Importing Server Packages

Log into the Game Control Panel and navigate to your service

Stop your server using the Stop button

Click the File Manager button and navigate to ./userfiles/American Truck Simulator/ or ./userfiles/Euro Truck Simulator 2/ depending on which game you are running.

Delete or rename the current server_packages.sii and server_packages.dat files

Upload your exported server_packages.sii and server_packages.dat from your game's Documents folder to the server

Start the server back up

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