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This article will cover the steps needed to upload an existing world to your Space Engineers server hosted by Host Havoc.

Step 1: Locate and upload your local world folder (typically found in C:Users/YourName/AppData/Roaming) into the Saves folder of your server (\ServerSaveData\Saves\) using FTP
Step 2: Once uploaded, click on the "Configuration Files" section in your game panel and edit the LastSession.sbl.
Step 3: Change the name of the world in the  <Path> section after the \Saves\ section of that line to match the world name of the folder that was uploaded in Step 1. Once you have renamed the world you can save and exit.
Step 4: Go to the Configuration Files section of your game panel and open SpaceEngineers-dedicated.cfg and edit the Server Name to the name of the folder that was uploaded in step 1. Once set, change the start Starting Path to the path you'd like to use. Various starting paths can be found at the bottom of this article. Once the starting path has been set to your liking, you will then change World Name to the exact name of your world and then save and exit.

Once done you can start your server.

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