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In order to promote yourself, you will need to use the VRage tool that is included with the Space Engineers Dedicated tool that you can download from Steam.

Once you've downloaded the tool open the tools folder and navigate to \SpaceEngineersDedicatedServer\DedicatedServer64\ on your computer.
Here you will want to open VRageRemoteClient.exe

After opening VRage go back onto your control panel and open "Configuration Files" then open your "SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg" config file with "Text Editor".

Once in the file scroll to the bottom until you find <RemoteSecurityKey><RemoteApiPort>

After finding that section in your config file go back to the VRage client you have opened and enter the following information in the "Connect" section of VRage:

Remote URL: http://IP-address-of-your-server-goes-here
Port Number: Check the <RemoteApiPort> section of your "SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg" section
Security Key: Check the <RemoteSecurityKey> section of your "SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg" section

Once connected, make sure you are connected to the server in-game and you will be able to click on "Promote" to promote yourself to admin.

Known VRAGE Issues - "Warning: Remote API - Invalid date from IP"

When connecting it may fail. If you check the main server log file, it may output the error above. "Warning: Remote API - Invalid date from IP"
This is due to the time zone of the server and the person connecting being out of sync. There is a known issue here.

There is a solution to get around this.

  • Change your local computer's time zone to UTC. Re-try.
  • If it fails still with the same error. Keep the time zone to UTC, but minus one minute from the time. If it is 12:00, change it to 11.59

It should then connect normally.

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