How do I cluster my server?

In order for your services to be clustered together, you'd need a server for each map.

Example: If you have wanted two maps being Ragnarok and The Island, you'd need two servers. If you wanted three maps, you'd need three servers

All servers need to be on the same account in order to be clustered together. 
If you and a friend purchased separate servers in hopes you could cluster them together, this is no issue. 
You'll just need to transfer them to the same account. You can do this from the link below

Please make sure your custom command line is created and selected with the map of your choice on your servers.
Having your command line selected will enable our automatic cluster system, and that's it! You're done.

If you have any further questions regarding your server cluster or it's still not working please contact our game server support team for direct and quick assistance!
You can submit a ticket here:

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