Server Icon and Thumbnail

  1. Login to your Unturned game server control panel.
  2. Save and stop your server.
  3. Click on the Text Editor in your configuration editor. You're looking for Config.json.
  4. Locate the Icon/Thumbnail portion of the text editor inside your Config.json.
  5. Once you have an icon you would like to use, go to the following website in a new tab:
  6. Drag the icon from your computer to the page on the website.
  7. Once it has been uploaded, hover over the image and press the copy button then go to that website
  8. If the image is a png format add .png to the end of the URL, if it is not then add the correct one e.g
  9. Before the word Imgur, add i. to the URL e.g
  10. You can now place that url next to your ICON/Thumbnail in your text edtior.

Click on Save, Cancel then reboot your server to apply this! 

If you're still having issues please make sure to contact us from here:

Hope this helps! 

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