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What is a PBO?
A PBO file originally meant 'Packed Bank Of files'. The acronym can be read as "Packed Bohemia Object". Through use, it has come to represent a single 'package' that achieves a result, such as a mission, or an addon. You may read more here:

How can I decompile/extract a PBO file?
Step 1: Start off by downloading and installing PBO Manager from here.
Step 2: Download the PBO file that you wish to edit to your own system. If it is currently on your service hosted with Host Havoc, access the File Manager and download it from there.
Step 3: Right-click on the PBO file -> PBO Manager -> Extract to <mission name> (This will create a folder for the mission - this keeps things cleaner and easier to work with)
Step 4: You'll see a folder appear. Inside that folder are the contents of the mission file. We recommend using Notepad++ as a means to edit SQF any other filetypes used in PBOs.

How can I compile/pack a PBO file?
Step 1: If you have not already, start off by downloading and installing PBO Manager from here.
Step 2: Right-click on the folder that you wish to compile into a PBO -> PBO Manager -> Pack into "<folder name>".
Step 3: You'll see a PBO file appear. Inside that PBO are the contents of the mission file (or folder).
Step 4: Proceed to upload the PBO and replace any older PBOs via the File Manager. You may have to delete older files on your service should you not be able to replace them.

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