How to install Epoch on your Arma 3 server

This article will guide you through setting up Epoch on your Arma 3 server.

Step 1: Log into the game control panel.
Step 2: View your game service
Step 3: Click on and open the "Non-Workshop Mods" icon
Step 4: Install the Epoch Mod Files from the mod list
Step 5: Install the Epoch Server Files from the mod list
Step 6: Open your Commandline Manager, click on the Custom Commandlines tab. If you have not already created a custom Commandline, create a new one
Step 7: Click to edit your custom Commandline
Step 8: Set your Server Mods setting to @Epochhive
Step 9: Set your Mods setting to @Epoch
Step 10: Enable the Auto Initialize option
Step 11: Save your custom Commandline
Step 12: Click the Select button on your custom Commandline to make it selected
Step 13: Go to the "...More" section of your control panel and click the Start REDIS Server option
You're all set!
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