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To set your server up as an exclusive join (whitelisted) server:
Step 1: Log into our game server control panel.
Step 2: First, open your Command Line Manager.
Step 3: 
Click on Custom Command lines and then click on +New
Step 4: In the Additional Parameters text box at the bottom, manually add the parameter:


Step 5: Save the command line and click Select on the right-hand side of the menu.
Step 6: Using the Configuration Files menu, open the PlayersJoinNoCheckList.txt file.
Step 7: Add the user Steam 64 IDs that you would like to be whitelisted, each ID being on their own line.
Step 8: Users can also be added to the whitelist in-game from the admin menu.

Note: ARK also supports its own "whitelist" mode which acts as a bypass for player join checks (ignores slot checks, etc.). This can be enabled in the same fashion by simply creating a file named "PlayersJoinNoCheckList.txt" in the same location as the exclusive join file.

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