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The following article will cover how to set up a custom map on your ARK server.

Finding a custom map

Custom maps can be found via the ARK Steam Community Workshop

Maps can also be installed the same way as other mods. Instructions for installing mods can be found here.
Once you have found a map that you would like to use, locate the map's official name on its Steam page as this will be needed later.
For instance on the "Skies of Nazca" Steam page it is stated further down on the mods page that the official map name is "Skiesofnazca"

Loading a custom map

1. Log into your game panel.
2. Install the map via the 
3. Click on 
4. At the top of this section click on "Custom Command Lines" and then click on "New" if you do not already have a custom commandline created.
5. Locate the "Server Map" section and add the map's official name here.
6. Click on save and exit.

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