How to delete a player from your 7 Days to Die server Print

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This article will cover the steps needed to delete players from your 7 Days To Die server hosted by Host Havoc.

Step 1: Log into your game panel.
Step 2: Using either the File Manager or FTP open the 7dtdsaves folder
Step 3: Open the folder for your current world and then open the folder that matches your current save name.
Step 4: Locate the players.xml in this folder and open it and locate the player you're attempting to delete.
Step 5: On the first line that includes their username, copy the info under the userid= section
Step 6: Navigate back to the save folder and locate the Player folder. In this section locate the 3 files that have the same ID that was found in the previous step and delete those files.
Note - Ctrl+F can be used to paste the ID found above to highlight the files if using the file manager.
Step 7: Start your server.


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