Admin Commands for Wreckfest

Here you were will find all available Wreckfest Admin Commands

Instructions on becoming an admin for your server can be found here:

How to add yourself as an admin


To use the following commands, click T in-game to bring up the chat and then input one or more of the following commands.

Command Description
/message [new message] Send a message to the chat
/kick [id] Kick a player
/band [id] Ban a player
/bansteamid [steam id] Ban a steam id
/unban [ban index] Lift a ban, use "bans" for ban indices
/unbansteamid [steam id] Lift a ban by steam id
/clearbans Clear all bans
/balanceteams Balance teams
/restart Server restart
/bot Add a bot
/op [id] Add moderator privileges
/admin [id] Add admin privileges
/demote [id] Clear admin and moderator privileges
/password [new password] Set password
/servername [new server name] Set name of the server
/welcome [new welcome message] Set the welcome message
/eventloop Toggle automatic event rotation if configured




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