How to join your Valheim server

How to join through steam
- Open Steam.
- At the top left, click on 'View'.
- Click on 'Servers' and head over to the 'Favorites' tab.
- Click 'Add Server to Favorites'.
- Copy and paste your Server's Query Info
- Click Find Games at this Address
- Click Add Selected Game Server to Favorites
- **Click the Refresh button in the steam server browser**
- Click on your server in the favourites list and attempt to join it.
How to join from within the game
- Open Valheim.
- Click 'Start Game'.
- Choose your character and press 'Start'.
- Click the 'Join Game' tab at the top.
- Click 'Join IP' and enter the info found under Connection Info in your panel.
If you attempted to add it to your favorites list using the connection info, you'll need to remove it first before re adding it using the query info.
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