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This article will detail  the steps needed to add a header image to your Rust server hosted by Host Havoc


Preparing the Image Header for your Rust Server

The image must be 1024x512 in size.

The image must be uploaded to a public image-sharing website, such as Imgur.
Once uploaded, copy your Imgur image’s link.

You can use a website such as ResizeImage to resize an image to 1024x512.

On the ResizeImage website, scroll down to “Resize your image”. Uncheck “Keep Aspect Ratio” and set the size to 1024x512. Finally, click “Resize Image” at the bottom to resize your image.

Adding an Image Header to your Rust Server

Go to your Rust server’s control panel.

On your Rust server’s control panel, open the Configurations Files and then click on the "Config Editor" for the server.cfg

In your Config Editor, locate the “Header Image” setting.

In the “Header Image” setting, paste your Imgur image’s link. Example:

Now, add .jpg to the end of that link. Example:

Once done, click “Save”

Alternative method if the above method has not worked.

In your game panel, open your web console and input your RCon password exactly as it is in your commandline manager and hit enter.

In the section of the web console to input commands, input server.headerimage "IMAGEURLHERE" (be sure to add the quotes as well) and then hit enter. This will set the correct header image.

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