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This article will go over the steps needed to install Cross Ark Chat on your Host Have Ark server.

Step 1: Log into your Host Havoc game panel located here.
Step 2: Click on the "Non-Workshop Mods" icon on your panel.
Step 3: Click on install beside Cross ARK Chat for each server that you would like to enable Cross Ark Chat on.
Step 4: Once the install has completed, click on Configuration files and open "_configuration.json" with the text editor.
Step 5: Locate the "Servers" section of the "_configuration.json" and enter the information for each server using the template. You can then copy this to each of your server's "_configuration.json" files. Make sure that "Active" is set to "True" for each server
Step 6: Configure any other variables as needed. Additional explanations can be found here:
Step 7: Once configured to your liking, on only one of the servers, click the "... More" section of your panel and click the "Start/Restart Cross Ark Chat Daemon".

Your Cross Ark Chat should now be functional.

If it does not start or is not functioning, you can copy and paste your _configuration.json contents to an online json parser such as to verify your formatting is correct.



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