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In this article, we'll be reviewing the process of configuring RCON for your Arma 3 server to use tools such as BattleWarden, etc.

Step 1: Log into the Host Havoc game control panel and navigate to your Arma 3 hosting service.
Step 2: Open the File Manager and navigate to the A3DS/BattlEye directory.
Step 3: If your server is running the x64 Arma 3 EXE (which you would have selected), create a file named beserver_x64.cfg. Otherwise, create one named beserver.cfg.
Step 4: Fill the contents of this newly created file accordingly (filling in the details and omitting the <> symbols - they are for demonstration purposes):
RConPort <game port + 4>
RConPassword <your desired password>

For instance:
RConPort 2306
RConPassword changeme123

Step 5: Save the file and restart the server.

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