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OpenMod plugins

Plugins add new functionality to your server. OpenMod provides commands to download, install, update, and remove plugins at runtime.

Finding plugins

You can find a list of plugins at the openmod-plugins page or on

Installing and updating plugins

There are two ways to install plugins:

Option 1: Installing plugins from NuGet. You can install plugins from NuGet using the openmod install <package id> command, e.g. openmod install Kr4ken.NewEssentials. To install specific versions, use openmod install <package id>@<version>. If you want to enable installation of pre-release versions, add the -Pre option: openmod install <package id> -Pre. To update plugins, run openmod install <package id> again.

Option 2: Installing plugins manually. You can install plugins manually by moving the plugin dll file and all libraries of the plugin to the openmod/plugins folder. You can also install libraries with openmod install <package id> instead. To update plugins replace the .dll file with the newer one.

You must reload OpenMod with openmod reload to apply changes after installing or updating plugins.

Removing plugins

To remove plugins which have been installed using openmod install, use openmod remove <package id>. If you installed the plugin manually instead, delete the .dll file.

You must reload OpenMod with openmod reload to apply changes after removing plugins.

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