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If your server is not starting, please attempt following the chain of action before contacting us:
Step 1: Ensure that you have waited 5-15 minutes for the server to start (ARK servers can take a fair amount of time to start up depending on what they are doing).
Step 2: Verify the server's state by checking if the server is visible from your Steam favorites list. Learn how to do that here.
Step 3: If your server is running mods, try disabling them via the Commandline Manager and/or deleting the 'Mods' folder in ShooterGame/Content. We always recommend following the next step after removing mods, as they leave traces behind which can prevent the server from starting up as well.
Step 4: Try renaming your SavedArks folder (ShooterGame/Saved/SavedArks), this will result in the server generating a new folder. You can rename it back to SavedArks later on and nothing will be lost.
Step 5: Run the 'Update Server Files' function from the game control panel. An update window will open and you will see a log of what is going on. Note that the console/log window that will open does not update in real-time.
Step 6: If the update above does not do any good, read this article for info on how to force a file validation.
Step 7: Submit a support ticket via the billing panel. Live chat messages, Facebook messages, and Tweets will not guarantee a quick response.

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