Getting Started and How to Join

By default, your server will start out with a placeholder admin password. It is highly recommended you change it as soon as possible.

How to change the Server Admin Password

To set the password, access your servers control panel
Find the "Change Admin Password" button, pictured with a Lock on the left-hand side of your panel.
When prompted, type your new password and click "Run".
Once the script is finished, you should be all set and ready to go with your new password!

How to join your server

You will need to add the server to your favorites list ingame in order to join.
Launch the game
Click the Join icon in the main menu
On the right-hand side there is an "Add to Favorites" option.
Enter a nickname for the server in the Favorite Name option.
Enter the IP address of your server in the IP: option. If your connection info was, you would put
Leave the local IP: option blank
Enter your server's port into the Port option. If your connection info was, the port would be 8766
If your server has a password, enter the password in the Server Password option.
You can leave the description blank.
You will want to create an Account Username and Password when you first join. This will prevent other people from using your name ingame.
Click the Add button.
Select the server and click the join button.

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