How to install and use the ULX admin system

This article will go over the steps to help you successfully install the ULX Admin system on your Garry's Mod server.
Part One: Installing
Step 1: Head over to and download the latest release.
Step 2: Extract the .zip files to a folder to somewhere on your computer. Ensure you are extracting the folder out of the ZIP file.
Step 3: Connect to your server's FTP. We always recommend using FileZilla. We have a guide which explains setting this up here:
Step 4: Navigate and open your server's "addons" folder.
Step 5: Using FileZilla, Drag and drop the 'ulx' and 'ulib' folders into the addons folder.

Part Two: Utilization

Step 1:
Log into your Garry's Mod server.
Step 2: From the control panel, open the web console.
Step 3: Type the following:
ulx adduser <putyournamehere> superadmin

So, if your name was Jackson, you'd type:
ulx adduser Jackson superadmin

*Note: Type ulx help in your game console (~ key if enabled in settings)
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