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This article will go over the steps to help you successfully install the ULX Admin system on your Garry's Mod server.
Part One: Installing
Step 1: Head over to and download the latest release.
Step 2: Extract the .zip files to a folder to somewhere on your computer. Ensure you are extracting the folder out of the ZIP file.
Step 3: Connect to your server's FTP. We always recommend using FileZilla. We have a guide which explains setting this up here:
Step 4: Navigate and open your server's "addons" folder.
Step 5: Using FileZilla, Drag and drop the 'ulx' and 'ulib' folders into the addons folder.

Part Two: Utilization

Step 1:
Log into your Garry's Mod server.
Step 2: From the control panel, open the web console.
Step 3: Type the following:
ulx adduser <putyournamehere> superadmin

So, if your name was Jackson, you'd type:
ulx adduser Jackson superadmin

*Note: Type ulx help in your game console (~ key if enabled in settings)

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