How to load the Crystal Isles DLC on your ARK server

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This article will cover the steps needed to set up and run Crystal Isles on your Ark server hosted by Host Havoc.

Let's review the steps required to set things up.

Step 1: Log into our game server control panel.

Step 2: Go to the main service page for your ARK service. 

Step 3: Click on Update Server Files to update the server if you have not already.

Step 4: Find the module labeled Command Line Manager.

Step 5: Predefined Commandline method - Choose a map from the predefined commandline  If this is done, skip to step 8.  

            Custom Commandline method - If you have not already created a custom command line, create a new one. Additionally, you can choose a predefined commandline and click select.

Step 6: Change the map name from TheIsland to CrystalIsles.

Step 7: Save the custom command line.

Step 8: On the right-hand side of your screen, you will see a button labelled Select. Click this button to select your custom command line.

You're all set!

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