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In this article, we'll outline the steps needed to install mods to your 7 Days to Die server hosted by Host Havoc.

Prior to the below steps, please make sure your service is stopped.

1. Download the mods you'd like to use
Mods can be downloaded from sites such 7daystodiemods or NexusMods.

2. Extract the mod and upload it to the mods folder
Extract the mod that was downloaded in step 1 to a location easily reachable on your PC.
Then choose the correct folder you need to use. The correct folder contains the “ModInfo.xml” file. For example:
The correct folder is “ExampleModFolder3”. Copy the “ExampleModFolder3” folder and paste it into the “Mods” folder via FTP

You've now successfully modded your 7 Days to Die server.

Important: Some mods require different installation methods. When installing such mods, consider the instructions of the mod authors.

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