How to add mods to your server using tModLoader.

Adding mods to your Terraria server is very easy using Host Havoc's control panel.

The steps are as follows:
Step 1: Log into our game control panel, and log in at using the details you received via email.
Step 2: View the service which you'd like to modify (click 'Game Services' on the left-hand side)
Step 3: Click on the "Non-Workshop Mods"  section in your control panel.
Step 4: Click Install next to tModLoader and wait for the process to finish.
Step 5: Navigate back to your control panel and start your server so the mods folder can be created. Once fully started click stop to stop your server.
Step 6: You will now need to upload the mods you are wanting to use to your server via FTP. 
Note: The mods will need to be located in \Mods
Step 7: Once you have all your mods uploaded open Configuration Files then click Text Editor next to Mods\enable.json.
Step 8: While in the Text Editor for enable.json you will need to enter your mod names in this format:
The mod names should reflect the name of the .tmod files that you uploaded earlier.  If adding more mods make sure to keep the mods in the square brackets and ensure each mod is in quotes along with a comma at the end unless it is your final mod you are adding which doesn't require a comma.
Step 9: Click save
Navigate back to your control panel and once you start your server your mods should be loaded.
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