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In this article, we'll be reviewing the process of connecting the well known "Empyrion Admin Helper" utility to your Host Havoc hosted Empyrion server.

The steps are as follows:
Step 1: Download EAH Lite from here.
Step 2: Extract the contents of the ZIP somewhere on your PC and start the EMPAdminHelper.exe program.
Step 3: Upon startup, it will ask for a few details. Enter the following:
Where is this tool running? Choose On my local PC while the Empryion-server is running somewhere else.
Server: Your server's IP Address. Do not add the port
Overwrite Telnet IP: Leave blank.
FTP Port: Your server's FTP port found in the FTP section of your panel. It would be the four numbers after the IP. For instance 8825 would be the port.
FTP User: Your game panel username.
FTP Directory: Your server's connection info and port. You must replace the colon (:) with an underscore (_) and you must include a slash (/) at the beginning. Example; would instead be /
Click the FTP password icon and input your game panel password and click ok.
Click on "Refresh from FTP". You should receive a pop-up that states "The FTP Download seems to be successful". If you do not receive this, please review all the above information again.
Click OK.

Step 4: Click "Ok"
Step 5: On the next screen, set up the settings as wanted and click on Ok.
Step 6: Restart the tool.
Step 7: Once restarted Click the functions tab on the left and then click on config and then Tool. In this section change the Dedicated.yaml filename to dedicated_config.yaml
Step 8: Check the "Use Dedicated.cmd box and input EmpyrionDedicated_NoGraphics.cmd in the field if needed and then click OK.
Step 9: You should now be connected. If not, navigate to the main window and click on the power button icon to connect.

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