How to add a workshop collection to your server

In this article, we'll go over adding a workshop collection to your Garry's Mod server:

Step 1: Create a Steam workshop collection for Garry's Mod.
Step 2: Set its privacy/visibility option to the public.
Step 3: Add the add-ons you'd like to your collection, this can be done by editing the collection. You need to be subscribed to each addon before being able to add them.
Step 4: Obtain your workshop collection ID, this is shown as the last number in the page's URL. You may have to enable this setting in your Steam settings under 'Interface'.
Step 5: Obtain your Steam auth/API key. See here:
Step 6: Log into your Host Havoc game control panel.
Step 7: Create a custom command line if you have not already.
Step 8: Enter the workshop ID and auth key in their respective locations.
Step 9: Save and select the Commandline.

*Note: For the add-ons to download for the players automatically, you'll need to do the following:

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