Installing mods on your Conan Exiles server

At Host Havoc, all of our Conan Exile servers support the use of mods. Please take into account that when using mods, we cannot guarantee their functionality or be held responsible for any issues that they may cause (data loss, crashes, etc.). It is recommended you first back up your saved data before installing new mods.
First, stop your server
Step 1: Install your mods via the Workshop Mod Handler in your control panel.
Step 2: Create a modlist.txt file in the Mods folder.
Step 3: Edit the modlist.txt. See the example below. 
Step 4: Ensure you have the "Show servers with Mods" checkbox selected in your game's server browser (top right)


- If you have a mod file called "FancyConanMod.pak".
- You would add FancyConanMod.pak to the modlist.txt.
- Each mod should be on its own line.

- After you have finished editing, start the server.
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