How to connect to your server using Empyrion Admin Helper

In this article, we'll be reviewing the process of connecting the well known "Empyrion Admin Helper" utility to your Host Havoc hosted Empyrion server.

The steps are as follows:
Step 1: Download EAH Lite from here.
Step 2: Extract the contents of the ZIP somewhere on your PC and start the EMPAdminHelper.exe program.
Step 3: Upon startup, it will ask for a few details. Enter the following:
Game Directory: Your server's IP Address_Port (ex. \
Dedicated.yaml: dedicated_config.yaml
Dedicated.cmd: EmpyrionDedicated_NoGraphics.cmd

Step 4: Click "Ok" to bypass the warning, and then navigate to the "Functions" bar on the left and click on "Config".
Step 5: Navigate to the "FTP" tab.
Step 6: Fill in the FTP details accordingly:
Enable "FTP Active" and "FTP old way"
Overwrite Telnet IP: The IP of your server (do not include the port)
FTP Port: Your FTP port (displayed the control panel page)
FTP User: Your control panel username
FTP Directory: Your server's IP Address_Port (ex.

Step 7: Click on "FTP Password" at the bottom and enter your FTP password. Your FTP password is your control panel account password.
Step 8: Click on "Refresh from FTP" and click "Ok".
Step 9: You should now be connected. If not, navigate to the main window and click on the power button icon to connect.
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